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Dietary Restrictions? No Problem!

Summer time affords me the opportunity to be creative and test some new recipes. As many friends, family and our guests know, I still work my day job as a full time Math Teacher. So, when a recent summer time guest booked a room and noted in their reservation they were vegetarian and dairy free, I accepted the challenge of wowing them during their stay.

I like to create recipes at the Lodge that guests would not normally prepare for themselves at home, but could. Like our Egg Casserole, Peach French Toast Casserole or Caramelized Apple Cinnamon Waffles can all be found on our website. Or the Blueberries and Cream French Toast Casserole which can be found on a previous Blog post, also on our website. My food Instagram posts get the most likes and recipe requests by the way! If you are not following us on Facebook or Instagram click the links and follow us for more fun food ideas.

So non dairy, vegetarians. I did reach out to the guest a few days before their reservation to be sure they ate eggs. When she said yes, game on! I started my research for inspiration on Pinterest by searching "non dairy vegetarian breakfast". (PS did you know you can also follow our Pinterest page to see what inspires my recipe and decor selections?)

My initial search led me to this post by the Iron You. And poof, I realized my herb garden at the Lodge is growing so beautifully this summer and should take center stage! The garden is really a collection of planters on the back patio where I grow rosemary, oregano, sage and basil.

Here are the babies I started with basil, oregano and rosemary

I love using Simply Potatoes because um, it's simple! No grating, no mess! And no this is not a paid endorsement for them, although it should be, haha.

My time saving secret!

So born was this idea of a Rosemary Herb Waffle topped with Scrambled Eggs loaded with fresh spinach, tomato and basil the then topped with an Oregano Garlic Sauce drizzle. I must confess, this creation was born through a sleepless night, the day before the guests arrival. I grabbed my phone, in the middle of the night, to make some notes, because I could see it all coming together! I did not want to lose the inspired moment!

Here is the finished plate...Well the extra plate I created that morning to photograph for you guys. :)

The morning I served this masterpiece, our other two guests were not vegetarian and they were not dairy free, BUT the LOVED it too! I took a huge risk and did not taste test anything before serving, except the sauce. Brent and I tasted the photo sample after cleaning up from breakfast and taking the pictures. Haha we actually had to reheat it in the microwave to taste it warm. WOW, we were really blown away by the layering of flavors and the complexity! I did put the extra sauce on the table for our guests to use, which they didn't. Brent and I found we needed and wanted more of the sauce. When I make this dish again, because I most certainly will, I will serve guests with a side of the sauce on their plate to use for dipping!

Start each day with a grateful heart

Not photographed was a parfait I made this morning. I totally forgot to make an extra to photograph. Whoops! I used the remaining Silk, non dairy yogurt that I did not use for the Oregano Garlic drizzle. I sweetened it with some local honey and organic cinnamon. Then layered granola, strawberries and blueberries in a mason jar.

You should be able to click the recipe photo below to either save or print for your future use. We hope you love our Rosemary Herb Potato Waffle creation as much as our guests! Enjoy!

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