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Pet Policy

Your furry friend (dogs only) is welcome at Bent Tree Lodge & Vineyard in our Farmhouse Suite (only).  This suite is located on the main floor and has a private entrance which will make it easy to walk your dog when necessary.  

If you are considering bringing your pet along with you during your stay, here are some things to consider:

  1. We do have a house dog, Zoe who is a chocolate labradoodle and 3 outdoor barn kitties that live at the lodge and roam the property, mainly near the patio.  They are all very friendly animals with people and other dogs (well the cats avoid other dogs).  It would be critical the pet traveling with you is also friendly.  We would not want to inconvenience any other guests if your dog is barking or has poor manners.

  2. Your pet is welcome in your guest room and on the grounds of the property but must be attended at all times.  Please use a leash when walking the grounds and pick up after your pet uses the potty.  You can dispose of waste at the trash bin by the front gate. If you are leaving the property without your pet, they must be secured in a pet carrier of some kind in your guest room.  We do provide a portable doggie kennel in the closet for your use during your stay.

  3. We politely request your dog does NOT sleep on the bed or any furniture in our guest suite.  You may plan to bring fido's dog bed along so they are comfortable.  We do understand your dog may be used to jumping on furniture, so we do provide blankets to cover furniture during your stay if necessary.

  4. Please plan to leave your pet in your guest suite, in their kennel, during breakfast.  Due to other guest potential allergies, we prefer your dog does not enter the main gathering room of the Lodge.  You are welcome to request breakfast in your suite or outdoor patio if you would like your pet to accompany you for breakfast.

  5. There will be an additional pet cleaning expense of $35 per day added to your reservation to cover the additional cleaning which will be required from having a pet in our guest room.  If any additional damage is caused by your pet, you will be charged accordingly.  

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